Degraded, fragmented, abandoned – these are the landscapes that we work in. But we also live & work in one of the most floristically diverse regions of the world, the south-west of Western Australia. In the Ecosystem Restoration & Intervention Ecology (ERIE) Research Group, we aim to understand the processes that lead to the degradation of ecosystems and the mechanisms by which they can be conserved and restored. Our research covers wide and varied aspects of ecology and natural resource management, from conceptual ecology through ecosystem restoration and the management of rare & threatened flora to environmental policy.

  • About Us

    The ERIE Research Group, headed by IAS Distinguished Fellow, Prof Richard J. Hobbs, consists of plant and animal ecologists, who have vast experience in both the ecosystems of Western Australia as well as those further afield. Read more

    The group is located within the School of Plant Biology at the University of Western Australia and receives funding and support from the School of Plant Biology and The University of Western Australia. Funding is also received through the Australian Research Council (ARC), via a Discovery Grant and more recently an Australian Laureate Fellowship (2009-2014).

    Some components of the group are also funded through ARC Centre of Excellence for Environmental Decisions (CEED), and until recently the National Environmental Research Program (NERP) which formed the larger Environmental Decisions Group (EDG).

    With the completion of NERP, the group is now focused on the National Environmental Science Program (NESP) and is directly involved in projects within two NESP Hubs, being the Threatened Species Recovery (TSR) Hub and the Clean Air and Urban Landscapes (CAUL) Hub.

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  • News

    - Todd Erickson and colleagues become finalists in the WA Innovator of the Year Competition
    - Honorary Membership to the Ecological Society of America, for exceptional contribution to the field of ecology. details

  • Projects

    The group is currently working on a number of research projects around the themes of weed invasion, climate change responses, bee distribution, old-field restoration and novel ecosystems. A number of these projects are being carried out at UWA's Future Farm. Read more

  • Latest Publications

    - Flash flaming effectively removes appendages and improves the seed coating potential of grass florets. doi:10.1111/rec.12386

    - The precision problem in conservation and restoration. doi:10.1016/j.tree.2016.08.001

    - Global environmental change effects on ecosystems: the importance of land-use legacies. doi:10.1111/gcb.13146

    - Cities are hotspots for threatened species. doi:10.1111/geb.12404

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    • ERIE Research Group
    • Ground Floor
    • Botany Building (UWA)
    • Entry No. 3. Hackett Drive
    • Crawley
    • Western Australia
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  • How to Contact Us

    • ERIE Research Group (M090)
    • School of Plant Biology
    • Uni of Western Australia
    • 35 Stirling Highway
    • Crawley 6009
    • Western Australia
    • P: +64 (0)8 6488 4615
    • E: erie-manager-plants@uwa.edu.au