image of Mark GardenerMark Gardener

Mark is a plant ecologist with interests in invasive species, fire ecology, community ecology and restoration. He holds an undergraduate degree in tropical ecology from James Cook University and a PhD in invasive plant population ecology from the University of New England, and was an Adjunct Senior Lecturer at UWA with the ERIE Research Group. Mark has worked in a variety of applied research positions providing technical advice on natural resource management and climate change issues. Google Scholar

image of John DwyerJohn Dwyer

John's research has taken him from the restoration ecology of Brigalow (Acacia harpophylla) regrowth in central QLD, to alpine grasslands in Switzerland. He joined the ERIE from 2010-2012 and explored community assembly in annual plant communities throughout the WA wheatbelt. The project aimed to determine the function and significance of novel annual plant species assemblages resulting from rapidly changing environmental conditions in the York Gum Woodlands of the Western Australian wheatbelt. Further information - Google Scholar.

image of Sue YatesSusan Yates

Sue initially trained as a plant biologist but has broad interests and experience in research, teaching, environmental consulting, science administration, science writing and, most recently, academic journal management. An interest in science administration led to a position with the Ecological Society of Australia in 2000 and in 2004 Sue was appointed as Managing Editor of the Wiley-Blackwell journal 'Restoration Ecology' hosted here at The University of Western Australia with Prof Richard Hobbs as the Editor-in-Chief. In 2014, the office of Managing Editor returned to the Association's home country of the USA.

Hilary Harrop-ArchibaldHilary Harrop-Archibaldimage of eucalypt leaf litter

Hilary completed her PhD in 2015 where she examined patterns of litter community colonization and succession across agricultural, restoration, and remnant woodland sites, as well as decomposition rates and faunal contributions to nutrient cycling processes. Hilary's thesis: Successional dynamics of leaf-litter invertebrate communities and the consequences for ecosystem processes in woodland restoration can be found in the UWA Digital Thesis Library.

Claire WainwrightClaire Wainwrightimage of annual wildflowers

Claire is based at the Mayfield Lab at the University of Queensland. Her PhD investigated how ecological interactions influence community assembly & the formation of novel species assemblages in the annual wildflower communities of southwestern Australia’s York Gum woodland. Her thesis is available at the UQ Thesis Library. Further information - UQ Profile

Simon KilbaneSimon Kilbaneimage of urban parkland

Simon commenced a PhD in 2011 researching potential continental designs for protected areas and ecological networks to ensure greater ecological and cultural resilience. Further information - Google Scholar

Martha Orozco AcevesMartha Orozco Aceves

Martha completed her PhD project in 2014. Her thesis: Influence of plant species and soil conditions on plant-soil feedback in the jarrah forest can be found in the UWA Digital Thesis Library.

Mandy TruemanMandy Trueman

In her PhD project, completed in 2014, Mandy used ecological theory & innovative technology to create products that will be a major step forward in managing the degraded ecosystems in Galapagos. Her thesis: Towards effective management of degraded ecosystems in the highlands of Galapagos can be found in the UWA Digital Thesis Library. Further information - Google Scholar.

Christine AllenChristine Allen

Christine completed her PhD project in 2014. In it, she aimed to understand environmental factors influencing seedling growth and survival of Declared Rare Flora through field and glasshouse experiments. Christine's thesis: Factors that affect seedling establishment and their implications for the translocation of species at risk of extinction is available at the UWA Digital Thesis Library.

Joanna BurgarJoanna Burgar

Joanna completed her PhD project at Murdoch University in 2014 examining the impact of restored forest on insectivorous, tree-dwelling bats in a mined landscape. Her thesis: The congruence between bat and vegetation succession in restored bauxite minesites in the jarrah eucalypt forests of south-western Australia is available in the Murdoch University Thesis Library. Further information - LinkedIn Profile

Maggie TriskaMaggie Triska

Maggie completed her PhD project in 2014. Her research focused on the return of wildlife (reptile & small mammal) species after mining-restoration procedures in the jarrah forest of southwestern Australia. Maggie's thesis: Modeling Fauna Populations in a Production Landscape is available in the UWA Digital Thesis Library.

Peter GrosePeter Groseimage of measuring banksia seedling, photo by Peter Grose

Peter completed his PhD project in 2014 investigating soil stabilisation after construction work. His thesis: Structure, function and cost-effective revegetation for soil stabilisation in a Mediterranean ecosystem, can be found in the UWA Digital Thesis Library.

Cristina Estima RamalhoCristina Estima Ramalho

image of banksia flowerCristina believes understanding what are the environmental filters that operate on urban landscapes & filter remnant plant communities, is of major importance to derive ecologically sound guidelines supporting urban planning, remnant design and management. Her 2012 PhD thesis: Effects of urbanization on remnant woodlands is available in the UWA Digital Thesis Library. Further information - Google Scholar

Jessica WongJessica Wongimage of mycorrhizal fungi

Jessica visited us from University of Puget Sound, USA in 2012 for a semester study abroad program. She had the opportunity to conduct an independent project and chose to do a project with us, studying the arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi of restored old-field soils and York Gum remnants within Ridgefield Farm.

Nancy ShackelfordNancy Shackelfordimage of computer modelling

A MSc candidate from Texas USA, Nancy researched the use of spatially explicit modeling to analyse and inform invasive species management. Her 2012 thesis: Management and impact of a native invasive species: Allocasuarina huegeliana in the sandplain heath of the Western Australian Wheatbelt is available in the UWA Digital Thesis Library.

Lisa DenmeadLisa Denmeadimage of cow hooves

Lisa researched the impacts of agricultural intensification on the restoration and conservation of invertebrate communities in remnant forests. Her 2012 MSc thesis: The impact of land-use intensification on the conservation management of native forest remnants embedded within production landscapes is available in the UWA Digital Thesis Library.

Zati SharipZati Sharipimage of lotus flower

Zati joined the group in 2010 supervised by Prof Richard Hobbs, A/Prof Matt Hipsey and Dr Shon Schooler. Her 2013 PhD thesis: Interactions among freshwater macrophytes and physical-chemical-biological processes in Lake Chini, Malaysia is available in the UWA Digital Thesis Library.

Kimberley ChristieKimberley Christie (Nihill)image of skink

As a PhD student, Kimberley researched the ecological processes involved in restoration, specifically faunal colonisation. Her 2011 thesis: Using hierarchical habitat selection to assist recolonisation of restored forest by Egernia napoleonis is available in the UWA Digital Thesis Library.

Crystal Jonesimage of pearl flower

Crystal joined the group in 2011 for her Honours research supervised by Dr Lori Lach and Prof Richard Hobbs. Her research thesis entitled: Pollen limitation and low reproductive success in the buzz pollinated Conostephium pendulum in Perth bushland fragments.

Leticia GarciaLetícia Couto Garciaimage of amazon river

Leticia visited us from the University of Campinas in Brazil in 2011 as an occupational trainee as part of her PhD training. Leticia's 2012 PhD thesis is entitled "Evaluation of ecological sustainability of restored riparian forest: seasonality & availability of reproductive resources of flora". Further information - Google Scholar.

Lauren HallettLauren Hallettresearching seedling establishment

Lauren joined the group from USA and to undertake her MSc with Prof Richard Hobbs and Dr Rachel Standish as her supervisors, completing in July 2010. Her thesis: Ecological filters to seedling establishment at two Mediterranean-climate restoration sites is available in the UWA Digital Thesis Library. Further information - Google Scholar.

Tommo SuhanaTommo Suhana (Sutomo)image of Mt Merapi

Sutomo came from Indonesia to undertake his Msc with Prof Richard Hobbs, completing in March 2010. His thesis: Plant succession following nuèes ardentes of Mt. Merapi volcano, Java Indonesia is now available in the UWA Digital Thesis Library. Further information - Google Scholar.
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