Collaborators & Links

Centre of Excellence for Climate Change Woodland & Forest Health

Centre of Excellence for Environmental Decisions

Ecological Society of Australia

Ecological Society of America

Greening WA, Western Australia

Gondwana Link, Western Australia

Kings Park & Botanic Garden, Western Australia (science dept)

Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions, Canada

Restoration Ecology (journal)

Restoration Institute, Canada

School of Environmental Studies, University of Victoria, Canada

Society for Ecological Restoration International


University of Western Australia, Australia


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    • ERIE Research Group
    • Ground Floor
    • Botany Building (UWA)
    • Entry No. 3. Hackett Drive
    • Crawley
    • Western Australia
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  • How to Contact Us

    • ERIE Research Group (M090)
    • School of Plant Biology
    • Uni of Western Australia
    • 35 Stirling Highway
    • Crawley 6009
    • Western Australia
    • P: +64 (0)8 6488 4615
    • E: