The ERIE Research Group hosts a number of visitors each year, who come for a variety of reasons: research, collaboration, seminar presentation, international student work experience/traineeship and field volunteering.

If you are interested in visiting the group to carry out research, you need to make contact with a member of the group, who has to agree to be your sponsor here at UWA.

There are a number of internal university processes that need to be completed before your arrival here at UWA, that will ensure facilities are available to you.

Therefore, if you intend visiting, please begin the process well in advance.

Recent Visitors to the Group include:

  • Dr Liz Kington from the Wheatbelt NRM is spending several months in the lab to strengthen research and investigate collaborative projects
  • Prof Patricia Kennedy from Oregon State University spent several months in the lab as part of an academic sabbatical
  • Lena Neuenkamp from Uni of Tartu, Estonia spent several months at both UWA and Murdoch Uni, collaborating with Drs Jodi Price & Rachel Standish
  • Prof Tim Seastedt from Uni of Colorado, USA spent several months in the lab as part of an academc sabbatical
  • Colette Blyth and Lizzie Telford from Aberdeen University spent several months assisting in the field at the Future Farm
  • Prof Eric Higgs from University of Victoria, Canada, visited UWA in the capacity of IAS Professor-at-Large. During his visit, he undertook a public lecture and masterclass for IAS, as well as furthering collaboration with members of ERIE
  • Jessica Wong from University of Puget Sound USA, who worked with staff on the old-field restoration at Peniup Farm/Gondwana Link project
  • Osmarina Marinho from Laboratory of Ecology and Forest Restoration, Uni of São Paulo, Brazil is gaining experience in experiments designed to understand invasive species traits
  • Dr Brandon Bestelmeyer from The Jornada, New Mexico, USA, and Prof Stephen Jackson from Quaternary Plant Ecology Lab, University of Wyoming, USA, who both attended the CEED Resilience Workshop
  • Dr Britta Tietjen from Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, Germany collaborated with Mike Perring on modelling effects of climate change on vegetation
  • Dr Natasha Wiggins from Uni of Tasmania, assisted with the field trial at the Future Farm site
  • Letícia Couto Garcia from Laboratory of Ecology and Forest Restoration, Uni of São Paulo, Brazil, finished writing her PhD thesis
  • Prof John Weins from PRBO Conservation Science, USA, collaborated with Prof Richard Hobbs
  • Assoc Prof Loretta Battaglia from Southern Illinois University Carbondale, USA, collaborated with Prof Richard Hobbs
  • Clemens Kleinspehn from Uni of Würzburg, Germany, studied ant visitation patterns on native flora with Dr Lori Lach
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