Welcome to the ERIE lab

The Ecosystem Restoration & Intervention Ecology (ERIE) Research Group works in a range of fields from urban ecology and green infrastructure to the management and restoration of changing ecosystems which includes species conservation and management. We are based in Perth, in the south-west of Western Australia, one of the most floristically diverse regions of the world. We work across a range of ecosystems, from agricultural and pastoral lands to urban environments, mine sites grasslands would also work here to forest and woodland ecosystems.

We work far and afield, with collaborations across Australia, US, Europe, and Africa. The ERIE lab is interested in understanding the processes that lead to the degradation of ecosystems and the mechanisms by which they can be conserved and restored. We are also interested in understanding how we can better manage novel environments and the places where people live and work, towards greater biodiversity conservation outcomes, ecosystem services delivery and human-nature connection.

Our Research:

Urban Ecology and
Green Infrastructure

Management and Restoration of
Changing Ecosystems