Rebecca Campbell

I’ve loved ecology for as long as I can remember. I didn’t know it was called ‘ecology’ when I was a child but I know that I’ve always been passionate about nature, plants, animal and ‘bugs’ (now appropriately called invertebrates). So naturally my degree was in biological sciences and I stayed on to complete my honours with a focus on conservation and botany.

In 2007 I landed a job as a lab and field technician at CSIRO working in agricultural science. I got to travel to places in WA that most people have never heard of and meet some really amazing farmers and researchers who are doing the best they can on a land that is beautiful but unforgiving.

After 3 years in agriculture, my heart yearned to be back in ecology and when the ERIE lab moved to UWA back in 2010, I joined as a Research Officer. I’ve helped out with most of the projects the staff and students of ERIE have worked while they’ve been at UWA and in 2016 I became the Centre Manager for the ERIE. Basically that means if you need help with your field work planning or your research budgets, if you get stuck completing any forms or you want to share your science on social media I can help. I have a passion for research and I genuinely love being a part for something that is
seeking to improve our environment.


2006 BSc Biological Sciences (1st class Hons), Edith Cowan University. Thesis title: Pollen characteristics of Grevillea species determined by in vitro germination.

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Top Publications

Perring, M.P., Jonson, J., Freudenberger, D., Campbell, R., Rooney, M., Hobbs, R.J. & Standish., R.J. (2015) Soil-vegetation type, stem density and species richness influence biomass of restored woodland in south-western Australia. Forest Ecology and Management 344: 53-62

Perring, M.P., Standish, R.J., Hulvey, K.B., Lach, L., Morald, T.K., Parsons, R., Didham, R.K. & Hobbs., R.J. (2012) The Ridgefield Multiple Ecosystem Services Experiment: Can restoration of former agricultural land achieve multiple outcomes? Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment 163: 14-27

Lach, L., Jones, C., Morald, T., Parsons, R., Shackelford, N. & Ramalho., C.E. (2012) Beautiful but buzz-less: Urban bushland fragments harbor few native bees to the detriment of an endemic buzz-pollinated plant. 97th Ecological Society of America Annual Convention, Portland USA